Los Santos Role Play is a server dedicated to serious roleplaying.  It is a new community and growing daily.  We focus on realism and character growth.  You can be on either side of the law you want, become law enforcement and help keep the streets safe, get a more simple job that can be found at the local job center or lead a life of crime and become the biggest drug lord, smoothest bank robber, best car thief or whatever your criminal mind can think of, you develop your character how you see fit!   This is an ESX server and will be (STATE WIDE) at all times, there is no (AOP), you can go anywhere at any time. We actually listen to our community, we have a section on our discord where you can post something you would like to see added to the server.  We pride ourselves on fun and fairness. We are constantly looking for fun new people to join us, if you've read enough and are interested in applying to the server, check out our departments page.  There you can read up on the departments, what each one does and make a decision as to which sounds the best for you.  Once you've decided on a department, join our discord to find the application link and apply!  All ages 17+ (with some exceptions) are welcome to join the server,    Our discord can be found in the top right corner as a link, right next to the twitter icon, follow our twitter as well!


Scripts and plugins on our server:



Over 15 different Jobs

Custom Map Addons


EUP & Serve and Rescue

Useable Drugs and Alcohol

Useable food items

Bank Robberies (2 Fleeca, Vinewood Bank, Blaine County Savings)

Jewelry Store Robbery (Rockford Hills)

Store Holdups





Black Market (for guns)

Realistic Weapons (AR, Glock, Uzi and AK)

Drug Spot (sells weed products and cocaine)

Realistic Custom Cop Cars

Money Wash

Chop Shops